Don't you hate it when one of your Fantasy players gets literally knocked out of the game! Geez! I mean you're having a great day and your points are adding up and it looks like another win for your team and then.....POOF! It's all gone and some lame guy/gal with terrible picks of third and fourth strings clobbers you by 2 lousy points. Well, that's exactly what happened to me twice on Sunday with my NFL Fantasy League teams. I was watching when my quarterback Jay Cutler was sacked some 8 or 10 times. One of which gave him a minor concussion and pulled him from HIS game and MINE TOO. This Fantasy stuff is nerve racking! 

        Earlier in the day I had lost another quarterback, Michael Vick. I mean, how lucky or in my case UNLUCKY can you get? When you lean on your quarterback choice for 15%-40% of your total points scored for a game, it can be quite devestating for you and it was for ME. The only solace I can find in these disastrous mishaps was the fact that I have several Fantasy teams and my undefeated teams weren't affected by the tragedies. Whew! Although one of my undefeated teams did suffer an outright loss. I still have 3 undefeated teams(4-0) but I will really be second guessing myself this week when I adjust my roster for week 5. Even if one of my undefeated teams makes it all the way this season...........I'm not so sure I will!