First of all, I would like to say that I wasn't really looking to write this particular article. Rather, I happened across a site called "FANHOUSE"where I read an article that was so full of fictitious statements and outright lies that I felt compelled to respond. The article in question titled,"No Doubt About NASCAR's Dirtiest Driver:Brad Keselowski" by Clay Travis written 8/24/2010. In this article(more like a rant)Clay bases everything "BAD" about Brad to have started at Talladega. This also happens to be where all the lies and nonfactual statements of his article start. Clay says,"Has everyone forgotten what happened in the spring of 2009 at Talladega? Keselowski took out Edwards, sent his car flying into the support fence injuring seven spectators". Whoa! Hold the phone! Let's get our facts straight here Clay.

   Now, I actually watched that race. As well as that wreck, which was shown in slow motion for all(including the incredibly stupid)to see. Clearly, Carl Edwards was leading on the last lap coming to the finish line when Brad Keselowski began to pass Carl on the inside. Seeing this move too late, Carl dropped down in an attempt to cut Brad off and there by clipping the front of Brads car with the rear of his own. This caused the rear of Carl's car to lift enough to lose traction and in turn speed. This allowed Brad's car (which is now moving faster) to continue underneath Carl's lifting it up and allowing the air to get under it and fling it into the fence and ultimately on top of Ryan Newman's car. Brad continued on a few hundred feet more to win the race. Those are the FACTS and were looked at hundreds of times by NASCAR and others and have NEVER been disputed.

     NO penalties were handed down by NASCAR after that race. PERIOD. Why not? Because NOBODY did anything wrong! In a previous race at the same track and also on the last lap while attempting to pass Tony Stewart for the win. Reagan Smith didn't hold his line like Brad did. Reagan tried to avoid Tony's blocking maneuver by dropping down even lower as he was passing Tony. But Tony kept dropping as well which forced Reagan to keep dropping and eventually off the bottom of the track and below the yellow line. Reagan continued passed Tony Stewart from below the yellow line and crossed the finish line first. However, Reagan did not WIN the race. The race WIN was givin to Tony Stewart and Reagan was penalized a lap for dropping below the yellow line. Since it was the last lap and the race was over. NASCAR decided to take a lap away from Reagan which resulted in a POOR finish needless to say.

    Knowing the rules for passing at Talladega and not being able to drop below the yellow line gave Brad Keselowski only two choices. Either back off and let Carl win the race OR be a RACECAR DRIVER(how dare he!) and try to win the race by holding his line and inturn forcing Carl to not continue the blocking maneuver. Carl was NOT at fault either! He knew Brad was faster and would pass him before the finish line costing him the win. Carl had only two choices(sound familiar). Either let Brad continue to pass him and let Brad win OR try and force the lesser experienced Brad down below the yellow line which like Reagan Smith would result in a win for Carl just as it had worked for Tony Stewart.

    Ohhhh..."That's not what really happened" says the Carl Edward fans who were watching their favorte driver fixing to WIN the Talladega 500. Certain fans didn't like the outcome of that race and it enraged them that this Brad Keselowski newcomer youngster had gotten the better of Carl Edwards. Although it was only circumstances(rules) that had denied them a chance to hoop and holler and tout their driver as the best that day. So those fans did what alot of us might do. They took it out on the only guy that kept their driver from winning that race. Some fans felt that Brad Keselowski was a BAD driver for not backing off and others thought that Brad had ran into Carl. Either way, the term "BAD" Brad Keselowski was also inevitable in a sport where emotions run high and winning IS everything!

    The "REAL" truth about Brad is somewhat different from the label givin him. Brad, in fact, is NOT bad at all. On the contrary, this guy has a boatload of talent and career potential. Just as a Kyle Busch or Denny Hamlin had when they first came into the sport. But, unlike those same drivers, Brad doesn't seem to carry a chip on his shoulder. The guy just races you hard and makes you earn every lap. Yes, he will bump you and he will bang you. What he hasn't done is intentionally crash you OUT of a race just for rubbing and bumping. This can't be said for Carl Edwards(Gateway),Kyle Busch(Bristol) or Denny Hamlin(Homestead) who all wrecked Brad OUT severely after a little rubbing or bumping from Brad. I thought rubbing was racing and racing was trying to win a race. Not backing off to someone because he's been racing a few years longer.

     Anyway, this "article of lies" written by Clay Travis goes on and on with misquotes and dribble to further try and tarnish the image of a talented and classy, sure to be future star of NASCAR. Is Brad the "Dirtiest Driver in NASCAR"? Of course NOT! Is Clay Travis a few gallons shy of a full tank?Obviously! Clay Davis couldn't have actually watched the races he comments on. Either that or rather he just belongs to some hate group that favors drivers with chips on their shoulders and enjoys smearing someone with lies. To sum up my own feelings about all this I revert back to a LOCAL dirt track phrase. "JUST SHUT UP AND RACE" and "NO WHINING". Oh, by the way, I think it's great to have a guy like Brad in NASCAR. He's a breath of fresh air compared to others who whine and stomp off mad after a race. Just watch a driver when he loses and you'll learn alot about his character.......see ya at the races!