Bristol!  It’s coming. The most action packed short track…correction…the most exciting TRACK on the whole NASCAR schedule!  Bristol sparks will  light the feud fires that burn throughout the 36 race NASCAR schedule. It doesn’t matter if it’s Truck racing, Nationwide or Sprint Cup.  Wherever the feud starts, the feelings will carry over.

It was obvious from Nationwide Series car owner 2ND Chance Motorsports who field a car for Jennifer Jo Cobb, that they were not happy with Kyle Busch after Las Vegas two weeks ago.  Numerous posts on their Facebook page railed the younger Busch for a spin that took out the #79.

I am sure she will be watching for Busch’s #18. To Cobb it’s the chance of a lifetime, but to Kyle the #79 is a non-entity on the track, and a car he just needs to get out of the way.

Kyle has had some feuds in the past with drivers like Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski.  Keselowski is not showing much muscle this season, but Edwards is off to his best start ever and a contender for the title.  There is not much love lost between any of these guys and none of them are opposed to using their bumpers.

Better yet, how about Kevin Harvick and Joey Logano?  Logano came at Harvick last season saying, ”…his wife wears the firesuit in the family.”  They call Logano ‘Sliced Bread’, but he’s been driving more like “moldy old bread” lately.  Harvick, who was looking to make a championship run is not doing much better, and my guess is that if he and Logano get into it, Logano will bring back a wrecked Toyota to Coach Joe.

No matter who it is, Bristol promises action, and I can’t wait until the gates open!