Another season as a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan shot down in flames. I don't think I can survive another wasted year rooting for my favorite driver to make the chase. Heck! Even if he had, does anyone honestly believe he would've had a chance at winning it. What's it gonna take to get this driver and team headed in the right direction? Who knows? Everyone seems to think they know. Some claim it's the driver and others claim it's the crew. Still others say it's Rick Hendricks' fault.

As a fan, I don't know what it is, I just want it fixed,resolved and most of all. I want it to happen NOW! To tell you the truth, that Ebay thing is looking better all the time for dumping off my useless Jr. gear and picking up some extra cash from those fans that just love Dale Jr. even if he never wins another race. Are you kidding me? This is racing! Winning is the reason these guys race and it's what the sport is all about. So, Give me a break Dale Jr.! Win a Cup race NOW before I lose my mind.....or my gear!