This isn't the first time we've heard from "The Mouth". On the track or off Denny Hamlin has an answer to every question. When asked in an interview with several drivers what he thought about last weeks race winner Clint Bowyer getting fined over a minor infraction, Denny replied "I think that team got what they deserved". Can you say, Open mouth and insert foot. Is he just trying to piss off the whole Richard Childress organization. Or does he just think he was born with a better mouth to feed and deserves to have the world revolve around his holiness. Geez! Well, I'm sure Denny will never use the phrase "I don't feel it's my place to comment due to the fact that I'm not a NASCAR official or inspector and therefore don't know all the facts".....Yeah, I can see that happening in my lifetime.........NOT!!!

   Is this the NEW breed of drivers that NASCAR wants to market to us to fall inline behind and praise!Please say it ain't so! I know all the NEW drivers aren't like Denny but there are quite a few of them that are. Some of these drivers put their own persona and self worshipping ahead of just being a real person you can relate to or maybe even a gentleman with good manners you could look up to. These whining, moaning,crying and blame it on anyone or anything besides themselves when they don't win or have a good race everyweek type of NEW drivers are just plain SPOILED. These KIDS have been givin a pass by their parents and everyone they have been associated with around racing while they were getting older(not GROWING up). Yes, this is the NEW breed of drivers we seem to have been saddled with. Our kids can watch them and learn that this type of behavior is not only tolerated but it's now favored and well compensated.

    Well, I guess , GONE are the days when parents taught their kids that,"If you don't have anything good to say about someone then don't say anything at all". Also kids were givin a whoopin when they misbehaved back then. I guess government and special interest groups have forced out those tried and true methods of teaching respect and good manners. So, Now we're stuck with self-righteous,ill-mannered, short-tempered, and spoiled little rich kids who are used to getting everything they want. Lord help us............'cause NASCAR isn't.