There is plenty to cheer about for the Pittsburgh Steelers' fans these days. The Six-Time Superbowl Champs(most, of any team in the NFL) have beat all odds to start the season a PERFECT, 3-0. This accomplishment is hard enough for any team but for the Steelers "without" their starting quarterback even more so. Ben Roethlisberger(2-time Superbowl champ quarterback) has been missed by the team and fans alike. Ben's leadership and skill at the quarterback position are reminiscent of the days of Terry Bradshaw who led the Steelers to their first 4 Superbowl wins.

      Ben's suspension will be over after this weeks game 4. Though Ben won't be able to play in a game with his team until week 6 due to the Steelers having week 5 as their mandatory BYE week. As long as the wait seems to everyone it must seem awfully short to one, Charlie Batch(current starting quarterback). Batch has performed extremely well in the quarterback position but he knows after this next game he'll most likely spend the rest of the year back on the bench. Though Batch is used to the bench due to Ben hardly ever missing a game since he's been at Pittsburgh, I'm sure it won't be as easy to take a seat this time after getting such a sweet taste of competition,fan appreciation and the thrill of victory.

      I look forward to a GREAT Steelers season this year as I'm sure all of the "Terrible Towel" waving fans do! With such an impressive start by the number one defense in the country now, it's as if another Superbowl "WIN" has already been "written" in the stars for us, especially after "Big" Ben gets back. I'm not usually one to count my chickens before they've hatched but since I just came back from the grocery store, I can say with certainty....I have a dozen eggs and NO, they haven't hatched and NO, I didn't count 'em...... It was "written" on the box!