In case you haven't noticed, there's a new color in the NFL this month and that color is "PINK". Yes, it's Breast Cancer Awareness month throughout October. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has took things up a notch from last years initiative and says,"Our campaign, 'A Crucial Catch', in partnership with the American Cancer Society is focused on the importance of annual screenings. Especially for those women over the age of 40."

     As a way for the NFL to really spotlight the cause, Roger Goodell has also implemented a new "Dress Code" policy for the whole month of October. All players,coaches,staff and employees in the NFL will wear something "PINK". Items to be worn but not limited to include; PINK cleat shoes,gloves,  wristbands, chin straps,eye shields, ribbons,helmet decals,captains' patches, hats and towels. Also there will be many cushions, covers and artwork donning the sideline and field areas.

     According to the American Council On Science And Health, approximately 40,000 women die each year from Breast Cancer in the United States alone. Awareness which leads to more funding for prevention and cure has done so much over the years to stem the tide of those deaths. The 10-year survivors rate among breast cancer patients has increased from 25 percent between 1944-1955 to 76.5 percent between 1995-2004.

    So, as you can see the benefits from better awareness of Breast Cancer have been quite remarkable. Hopefully with more and more funds pouring into research and better testing methods thru such campaigns as the NFL's "A Crucial Catch", one day a cure may be found to end this deadly disease.