That's right, those pesky men in black and gold are at it AGAIN! You would think that "SIX" Superbowl wins would be enough for any team. Naaaaaa! Not for The Pittsburgh Steelers. They now have the #1 Defense in the NFL. Without they're top quarterback, Big Ben Rothlisberger(suspended first 4 weeks), the defense has more than met the challenge! They have jumped thru every hoop and clawed and climbed every step of the way to give they're team the best shot at success this year. A healthy James Harrison and Troy Palomalu are back to pounding the competition into submission. If you thought the Steelers were going to be playing catch up for the better part of the season...think again!

  Now, If you're surprised with how well Pittsburgh is playing without they're 2-time superbowl champion Big Ben. Can you imagine the amount of success they can have once he's back playing in week 6? I truly think this team could be headed for another superbowl run! I'm just saying! Why not? The pieces are all in place. Did you know that Antwan Randle El is back with the Steelers this year? Hines Ward is still hanging around too and still smiling and healthy. Rushard Mendenhall's running game is looking awesome. I'm just saying if you're not a Steelers fan come Superbowl Sunday, you might want to get a Terrible Towel anyway. It'll give you something to wipe those tears away while you're thinking of what might have been for your team if not for those pesky men in black and gold. Can you say Stairway to "SEVEN"?